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How to pass the CKA exam

What is CKA?

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program was created by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in collaboration with The Linux Foundation, to help develop the Kubernetes ecosystem.

I passed the CKA on November 21, 2020 and I will talk about the experience and tips.

The exam

I grabbed the key information for the CNCF as below:

But also some other tips from my personal exam:

  • You need to install the chrome plugin for the exam, may need use VPN in China;
  • You can use Google account to access;
  • Don't waste time during the exam, it's just 2 hours;
  • Set the command completion for kubectl before to answer the questions;
  • Only two Chrome tabs are allowed;
  • Use kubectl get/describe to check your answers before submit;
  • Try to use kubectl create/scale/expose other than create the yaml files or edit;
  • Use kubectl run with — dry-run flag as much as you can. It’s an easier and faster way to create resources in the cluster.
  • Marked the question you are not sure, don't hung at it;
  • Remember to switch the k8s context when you switch the question;
  • If you ssh to remote servers, remember to be back after finishing the steps;
  • Get familiar with the vi/vim before you take the exam;
  • Bookmark the links you want to refer to;
  • Review the cheatsheet, you will learn more;
  • Review the docs, you will learn all;
  • Take it easy! You will pass!

last but not least

You can visit the Chinsese Version for more detail: 2020年11月CKA新题考试心得体会 .

I share my bookmarks here, hope they can help you(If you want the English Version, just switch to it):

kubectl 备忘单 | Kubernetes
kubectl | Kubernetes
Kubectl Reference Docs
使用 RBAC 鉴权 | Kubernetes
节点 cordon| Kubernetes
驱逐 确保 PodDisruptionBudget 的前提下安全地清空一个节点 | Kubernetes
升级 kubeadm 集群 | Kubernetes
为 Kubernetes 运行 etcd 集群 | Kubernetes
网络策略 | Kubernetes
服务 | Kubernetes
Ingress | Kubernetes
Deployments | Kubernetes
将 Pod 分配给节点 | Kubernetes
污点和容忍度 | Kubernetes
Pod 拓扑扩展约束 | Kubernetes
Init 容器 | Kubernetes
持久卷 | Kubernetes
持久卷 pvc| Kubernetes
持久卷 pod pvc | Kubernetes
卷 volumeMounts | Kubernetes
配置 Pod 以使用 PersistentVolume 作为存储 | Kubernetes
卷 - hostPath | Kubernetes
存储类 | Kubernetes
调试 Service | Kubernetes
日志架构 | Kubernetes
集群故障排查 | Kubernetes
emptyDir 配置 Pod 以使用卷进行存储 | Kubernetes
配置 Pod 使用 ConfigMap | Kubernetes
使用 Secret 安全地分发凭证 | Kubernetes
Pod 与 Service 的 DNS | Kubernetes
安装 kubeadm | Kubernetes
为 Pod 或容器配置安全性上下文 | Kubernetes
Pod 安全策略 | Kubernetes